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If you have an existing, legal license for the current version of Windows that you want to install - or if you would prefer to load a version of Linux we don't offer - selecting this option will allow you to get a system with no operating system installed. That means it will take a while to get set up on your end before the computer is really usable, but it can save you money compared to getting an extra copy of Windows you may not really need. No matter what you select for the OS, though, we run all of the same benchmarks, and burn-in tests to ensure that your computer hardware is working well before shipping it to you.
Brett Nordquist (Account Manager)
Brett Nordquist (Account Manager) Says:
This is a great option for those who are comfortable installing their own operating system and dealing with the complications that can arise doing so. By having us install your operating system you know it will arrive with the latest patches and drivers already installed. We will also be able to provide you with system recovery disks making it simple to return the system back to its original state. This peace of mind may override saving a few dollars up front.

Note: We strongly advise against installing your own operating system. Even if you have experience, the correct approach to drivers and updates is constantly changing. Our desire is for your computer to boot up and be fully usable right out of the box. Operating system technical support is not included if the license is not purchased through Puget Systems.