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Brett Nordquist

customer happiness engineer

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After spending several years working in production and sales for Puget Systems, Brett moved to Utah and started his own company, Red Mountain Research. Today, he works closely with our customers to gather and implement feedback throughout the company. Outside of Puget Systems, he writes articles for a number of technology companies.

Before coming to Puget Systems, Brett worked at a number of Seattle-based startups before joining Microsoft where he worked as a product manager for the Project and Office groups. Brett attended the University of Utah where he earned a B.A. in German. His main computer is a Puget Systems Serenity which he uses to edit his family pictures and video as well as play a few games such as Fortnite.

St. George, UT

Brett Nordquist's Recent Comments:

  • Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit OEM SP1 picture
    Brett Nordquist (Customer Happiness Engineer) Says:
    Windows 7 is still the best choice for desktop PCs. If you have a laptop, I'd recommend going with Windows 8. But based on feedback from customers, many are not happy with Windows 8 on powerful desktop PCs. Please speak with your sales rep if you have questions about whether to go with Windows 7 or 8.
  • Windows 8 64-bit OEM picture
    Brett Nordquist (Customer Happiness Engineer) Says:
    I would strongly consider Windows 8 on any new system, but especially laptops due to its speedy boot times. It takes some getting used to, but it's not difficult to move from Metro to the traditional desktop and stay there for as long as you'd like. In fact, once I'm in the desktop mode I forget I'm running Windows 8. Boot and shut down times sure feel a lot faster than Windows 7. I would install Windows 8 over Windows 7 now and without any hesitation.
  • Automatic Backup and Restore Set-up picture
    Brett Nordquist (Customer Happiness Engineer) Says:
    Windows 7 and Windows 8 both have a number of backup options. If you purchase an external drive from us at the same time you purchase a new PC, we'll take care of the service for you. All you'll need to do is plug in your external drive. For those who did not purchase an external drive, but are interesting in Windows 7/8 backup options we put this guide together for you. Link: http://goo.gl/NRFzAk
  • NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 2GB Passive picture
    Brett Nordquist (Customer Happiness Engineer) Says:
    This is the card I use in my own PC, and I recommend it for those who have modest graphics needs. I play games such as Diablo III on it just fine, albeit not on high settings. This card is passively cooled so your case needs decent cooling, and its large heatsink means it takes up two slots so check with your sales rep to make sure it will fit in the case you've selected.
  • Brett Nordquist (Customer Happiness Engineer) Says:
    This is a great option for those who are comfortable installing their own operating system and dealing with the complications that can arise doing so. By having us install your operating system you know it will arrive with the latest patches and drivers already installed. We will also be able to provide you with system recovery disks making it simple to return the system back to its original state. This peace of mind may override saving a few dollars up front.
  • Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SATA3 2.5inch SSD picture
    Brett Nordquist (Customer Happiness Engineer) Says:
    I made the mistake of thinking a 120GB SSD would be large enough for my system. But I found myself suffering from storage anxiety, constantly checking to make sure I had enough space before I installed a game or program. I prefer the 512GB version of this drive, but the Samsung 840 Pro 256GB is a wise choice for those who demand speed and performance on a budget. I now consider 256GB the minimum size SSD I will install on any of my systems.
  • Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard picture
    Brett Nordquist (Customer Happiness Engineer) Says:
    The Logitech G710+ is a premium keyboard at a premium price. This is the first keyboard I've paid more than $50 for, and the quality and precision of the keys is apparent on first use. Pressing the keys emits a sound that reminds me of the old IBM style mechanical keyboards, but is muted a bit. The backlighting is nice as are the row of programmable keys. The Logitech software makes programming them a simple task. Only the wrist stand doesn't feel up to par with the rest of this superb keyboard.
  • Samsung 840 Pro 512GB SATA3 2.5inch SSD picture
    Brett Nordquist (Customer Happiness Engineer) Says:
    The Samsung Pro series of SSDs are widely considered to be the best performing SSDs on the market today. I recently upgraded to this 512GB model and used the free to download Samsung Data Migration Software to clone Windows and all my programs. This is my favorite SSD you can buy.
  • Asus Xonar DSX PCI-E picture
    Brett Nordquist (Customer Happiness Engineer) Says:
    I recently swapped out my Creative Labs XFi Extreme Music card for the Asus Xonar DSX-PCI-E sound card after I ran into issues with the XFi card under Windows 8. The Xonar has been a nice upgrade in sound quality without any of the Windows 8 driver headaches I had with XFi. This drives both a 2.1 setup as well as all my headphone listening and it works well in either environment. If you're looking to step up from onboard sound to a quality all-around card, this is my first choice under $100.
  • Intel 520 240GB SATA3 2.5inch SSD picture
    Brett Nordquist (Customer Happiness Engineer) Says:
    Although I own the Intel 120 GB version, I wish I had gone with this 240 GB. I have Windows 7 Pro installed along with Photoshop Elements, Office 2010, and a couple of games I'm already up to nearly 90 GB. If you're diligent at keeping programs large programs such as games to a minimum, then the 120 GB version is probably enough. But if you don't want to worry about monitoring your storage as much, go with this Intel 520 240 GB model.