Picture of Dr. Donald Kinghorn

Dr. Donald Kinghorn

Scientific Software Architect

  • 11 years with Puget Systems
PhD in Theoretical Chemistry, MS in Chemistry, BA in Mathematics/Chemistry

Don is the escalation point for sales and support questions concerning HPC, Scientific Computing, Machine Learning, AI, Linux System Administration and Hardware Troubleshooting. He works on hardware systems validation for Scientific workloads and provides an internal educational resource for others here at Puget Systems. If you read our publications with any frequency, you’ll see Don contributes often to our HPC Blog. Don has been with Puget Systems since 2013, and has a long history with scientific and high performance computing that was nurtured by his educational background in Computational/Theoretical Chemistry. Don will tell you he joined Puget Systems to be with a group of people dedicated to building and providing high-quality computing hardware.


Englewood, CO

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