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Jon Bach


  • 23 years with Puget Systems
Jon founded Puget Systems in December 2000. Today, his primary role is to make sure everyone else has the tools and resources to do their job, providing a great product and customer experiences. He is also the face of the company with our partners and vendors.

Jon started Puget Systems because he felt there was a need he could fill. In his opinion, the industry was full of low-quality product and sales tactics that didn't care about what customers actually needed. He wanted to provide a quality product with a purpose.

In addition to his role at Puget Systems, Jon also represents the company on the Intel Board of Advisors, which helps Intel see the real-world application of their products, and how to better serve their users.

Outside the office, Jon is an avid trumpet player, and enjoys the opportunity to volunteer for church orchestras and local musical productions. He enjoys spending time outside with his family, camping or Jeeping up in the mountains all around the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


Burien, WA

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