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Chris Stephens (Vice President - Operations)

A Peek Behind the Curtain

Written on December 7, 2015 by Chris Stephens

I had the mission to write a blog post that conveyed how we keep the repeat business of so many of our customers. After writing several drafts, I realized that the post had already been written by our customers -- in the form of personal emails I receive on a daily basis. With their permission, I offer you two emails I have recently received. They do a very good job of summarizing why people keep coming back to Puget Systems.

Dear Mr. Stephens,

I wanted to take a minute to tell you about my recent (2nd) purchase from Puget Systems and how extremely happy I am with that experience.

5 ½ years after my first purchase, I was ready to order another PC from Puget Systems.

Just like the first time around, Wilson Chau was very helpful and gave me good pointers about where I could/should make some changes to the system that I was thinking about ordering. I had requested his assistance because throughout my first order he had already been helpful and understanding of my needs.

The PC that arrived was everything I expected and more. I almost hesitate pushing the on switch, wondering if I’m worthy, ha!

The only (slight) disappointment was the fact that the code for the NVIDIA game bundle has expired. Wilson offered to send me a code for an upcoming promotion, which would’ve been fine with me.

He might have mistaken my silent approval for hesitation, because soon I received an email from Richard Falk, asking me how he could fix the issue to my satisfaction.

I explained to Richard that I hadn’t picked the components for their associated game bundles and while I was disappointed that I didn’t receive Metal Gear Solid V, I would be happy with any solution he’d come up with.

I was so happy and surprised when he decided to purchase Metal Gear Solid V on Steam and send me the activation code!

Sorry for all this rambling. The point I was trying to make is simply this: I was already a giant fan of Puget Systems, but Wilson and Richard have lifted my appreciation of your company to new dimensions. I just wanted to point out to you what great assets they are to your company and how much I appreciated their help throughout the ordering and setup process.


C. C.

and the second...

Hello Mr. Stephens,

I appreciate the level of service I receive from Puget Systems. I consider it the best in the industry. Better than Dell, HP or the others. I always recommend Puget Systems to anyone who tells me about their computer issues. I’m honest with them and I tell them your systems cost more than the “big box brands” but I explain that the computer they would purchase is the highest quality computer they’ll ever find anywhere. I explain that the customer service experience is superior to anyone else in the industry, even years after the sale.

I don’t know if anyone I’ve told these things to has purchased a Puget computer but but I do my part to promote a brand that excels in superior craftsmanship, quality and durability over all others. Hey, that’s been my experience so far and I am completely satisfied with Puget Systems. One day, my wife's computer is going to fail (Dell XPS) and I know without a doubt where we will turn to replace it. My thanks to you, Mr. Bach, Wilson and Richard (and there have been others occasionally) for a great product and top notch service that can’t be touched by anyone else in the industry!
I hope you all have a great day out there and GO HAWKS!  (my Panthers & Broncos are doing pretty well so far)
K. P.
Charlotte, NC

This is what I open my email to every morning. My teams do a phenomenal job.

Ever worked in a job where you really hope nobody you know shows up there, for fear they will likely have a terrible experience? Yeah, I have worked in those places too, but I don't have that problem anymore.

If you are thinking about buying a system from us, I hope you find the experience as great as everyone else. If you don't (hey, we're human, we have off days too!) I can promise you we won't make a bunch of excuses, we will just get to work to solve your problem immediately.

We are not the cheapest, but we deliver excellence experiences. Enjoy your holidays.

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Chris, it is always nice to read customer testimonials and see that Puget Systems remains a cut above. Each one that I have read, including those cited in your post, echo my own experiences with Puget. Not only have I purchased two computers, I have also purchased parts from your store, and an upgrade of the screen on my laptop from glossy to Matte. Each of these were completed in a timely fashion with the expert help of Wilson Chau and the rest of the Puget team. I have also taken advantage of Puget's tech support on rare occasions. Again, those were handled with utmost professionalism and friendliness. These experiences cemented my faith in Puget Systems, and when someone asks me about who I recommend for a new system, I refer them to Puget without any hesitation. When the time comes for me to purchase a new machine, I know where I'll going to get it! --P

Posted on 2015-12-07 16:18:37

Preston, you are awesome. I really, truly, appreciate the support you have given us for years now.

Posted on 2015-12-12 17:49:31

Good stuff Chris!

Posted on 2015-12-09 18:52:43

Thanks, Chris! It was great to finally meet you at SC15. Hopefully we can connect again, we are spending a bit more time on the road this next year.

Posted on 2015-12-12 17:48:50