Drivers and Updates

Drivers and Updates

It is very important for compatibility and performance that the latest drivers are used on a computer. When we install the operating system on your workstation, we use the latest stable drivers provided by the manufacturer of each part. We also update the BIOS on your motherboard and apply all available Windows security patches!

Please note – if you are looking for drivers for your existing Puget Systems workstation, follow these steps:

  1. Click on My Account in the upper right-hand corner of our website
  2. Log into your account
  3. A list of your orders and quotes will come up – select the order number for the system you need drivers for
  4. A summary of the parts on that order will come up – select the component that you are seeking drivers for (note that the motherboard will have drivers for any features that are part of it: onboard video, audio, networking, WiFi, SATA, chipset, etc)
  5. A page will open with information specific to that component – click on the Download Drivers button at the bottom of that page
  6. That will take you to the component manufacturer’s driver download page, where you can download the latest drivers

If you are unable to find the drivers you need, or would like further assistance, please reach out to our tech support team!

Read what our customers have to say about our drivers and updates!

Travis Axton
Louisville, KY

Customer for life…

The customer service and build quality are second to none.

Macullen Nadurak

First ever gaming PC

This is my first ever proper gaming PC setup and it works like an absolute dream; I love it so much.


I’ve purchased 5 systems

I’ve purchased 5 systems from Puget over the last few years. Outstanding quality, support, and excellent product lines.

James Bayonne

Outrageously awesome

Outrageously awesome crew here at Puget System, they’ve come through for this old disabled veteran for years with my machines!

Mike Dunn

Great Experience

Working with Puget Systems was first class. The process started with system selection on the website. The interface was very intuitive and questions on specs were only a click away. Purchasing came next followed by a personal email from a Puget rep to confirm my choices. Once the computer arrived, unboxing was easy and setup was a dream. I was up and running in no time. Thanks Puget Systems!!

Mark Smith
San Diego

Puget is simply the best

I don’t buy new computers often, but for the last two decades, I’ve gotten every one of my desktops from Puget Systems. They use top quality components, have excellent build quality, and top notch support. Everything inside the computer is clean and all cabling is carefully routed. The software installation is clean. Even their packaging is top notch. I won’t buy my computers from anywhere else.

Jason Marshall
King County, WA

Absolute peace of mind

I have historically built my own machines, but work and life over the last few years has made staying up to date on the latest hardware information a low priority so when I started looking into updating my personal system I found myself not wanting to deal with doing all of the research myself. Having Puget Systems handle all of the details for me has been worth every extra penny spent having them build the system for me. They created an absolute drop-in replacement for me and it really was that smooth. A bonus is how they update the progress of your machine has it goes through their build and QA process, it was reassuring to see the progress being made leading up to the ship date!

David Trounstine
San Jose, CA

Nothing Short of Incredible

From start to finish our experience with Puget Sound Systems was more then I could have hoped for, and certainly more than we expected. Prices are competitive, parts availability is no issue, communication is the best in the industry, and quality (including quality assurance) is the best of the best.

Puget Systems provided a free consultation where we discussed the software the machine would run and the tasks we would be using it for. The consultant recommended a lower core count and higher clock rate, as well as an additional drive for cache. Overall this lowered the price. After our order was placed we received near daily updates on our order and the progress it was making thorough the assembly process. We received benchmarks, thermal images, and final build photos along the way making it actually fun to wait for our shipment.

The machine delivered has exceeded expectations and in less than a week has provided immense value to our team.

Can I rate more than 5 stars please?

Ambassador Fred J. Eckert
Raleigh, North Carolina


Over the years I have purchased a fair number of PCs – at first from the best major brands, then graduating to custom builds as my needs increased because of my photography hobby. I have photographed many great destinations on all seven continents and for image editing I rely on only the best software programs, and they make big demands on a PC.
About two years ago it was time for a major upgrading. After extensive research, I felt I knew exactly what I needed. A couple of companies in our area who do custom builds told me I had made a great selection for each component and were anxious for my business. Problem was, I continued to learn more and soon concluded that I needed to make a couple of better choices. Which made me think that if these supposed experts missed things I felt a far-from-expert like me had figured out, it’d be a good idea to check elsewhere.
I feel so lucky that my search finally led me to Puget Systems. The sales agent who happened to take my call truly impressed me. He was extremely knowledgeable. And then…as I was trying to convince him that I absolutely needed a particular part that happened to be very expensive, he proceeded to very nicely explain to me why I’d be wasting money because it didn’t add anything I need that a considerably less expensive one would do just as well. Wow, I thought to myself, agents, especially agents for on-line companies, always try to sell you up – and this guy is selling down! Talk about getting an honest opinion!
I felt I could trust Puget Systems – and, boy, was I right. The computer they built for me was everything I had hoped for. It is fantastic. And they kept me up-t-date during every step of the process. Two friends who work as computer experts with highly regarded companies checked it out and told me everything about it was superb.
And then there’s the customer support: I have not experienced any that’s their equal. One example: When an update of one of my imaging editing programs was causing me problems, the company told me I needed to do things on my computer that, truth be told, I didn’t grasp and worried I might mess up. So I called Puget Systems and, while the problem had everything to do with software and nothing to do with my computer, a Puget Systems tech logged into my computer and made sure I correctly complied with what the software company said was required. In the two years I’ve had my Puget Systems computer I’ve had similar great experiences with their customer support.
You get my drift: If you’re looking for a great computer build that’s backed up by truly outstanding customer support, you can trust Puget Systems.

John Nicholson
New York

Exceptional Quality and Service!

I bought my first PC from Puget Systems nine years ago and it ran flawlessly for all those years. I have just taken delivery of a new machine and it is up and running without a hitch. A decade apart, the quality of the machines and the service are the same – outstanding. Both these PCs had to meet exacting specifications that would be impossible to obtain off-the-shelf. I have the peace of mind of knowing that every component is of high quality and matched to the overall configuration, and I know that if I have ever a question or a problem, expert assistance is a phone call or video chat away.

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