Peak Quad Socket Workstation
High Core Count and Quiet Operation
With up to 72 cores and 2TB of memory, the Peak Quad Socket workstations from Puget Systems offer not only extreme performance, but also excellent cooling and quiet operation.

Peak Quad Intel Xeon
  • Quad Intel Xeon E7 CPU
  • Up to 72 CPU cores
  • Up to 2TB memory

Our Peak Quad CPU workstations are built with Intel E7 Xeon processors. Our intention with these products is to take some of the highest performance workstation configurations available today and make them something you can put in your lab or office. Most workstations and servers of this caliber come with a prohibitive noise level but the Peak line of workstations solves this problem while still providing excellent cooling and long component lifespan.

We have designed these workstations to be flexible. With systems at this level, it is typical for us to plan, design, implement and test a custom solution for each customer and use case. If you are unsure whether Peak is right for you, just ask! We have dedicated staff on hand for HPC, parallel and cluster computing. Email us at [email protected] to get started.

Quiet Targeted Cooling

Unlike most rackmount servers, these Peak workstations are designed to operate at a low noise level that allows you to have them right at your desk. The secret to making a quiet workstation or server is to avoid a "one size fits all" approach to system cooling which is what you see from almost all big box PC manufacturers. Every set of unique system specficications needs its own targeted cooling plan and this is an area in which Puget Systems excels. With over a decade of experience making silent PCs, Puget Systems is well versed in using thermal imaging and high quality heatsinks and fans to tailor PC cooling to the needs of each system.

Part of what makes our cooling both effective and quiet is that we specifically target the hot spots of each system. We place fans only where they are needed and only when they are needed. We then verify the final configuration with extensive testing, full load stress testing, and thermal imaging to ensure excellent cooling.

An example of Puget Systems targeted cooling Without targeted cooling With targeted cooling

Dr. Donald Kinghorn

hpc and scientific computing

Dr. Kinghorn has a 20+ year history with scientific and high performance computing and holds a BA in Mathematics/Chemistry and a PhD in Theoretical Chemistry. If you are looking for a HPC configuration, he is here and available to help!

Phone: (425) 458-0273 x6016

We know that these PCs are intended for heavy, long duration workloads. We have designed them for long life with 24/7 load, and that is our primary design goal. Through targeted cooling and high quality thermal solutions, we are able to achieve an excellent low noise level while maintaining the cooling necessary for long term high load. Even better, since we are implementing a custom cooling plan for each order, if you have a preference of whether you'd like us to tune more aggressively in either direction (towards even quieter operation, or more extreme cooling), all you have to do is let us know!

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