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150W Power Supply for Echo

Power Supply

150W Power Supply for Echo Picture 37735150W Power Supply for Echo Picture 37733150W Power Supply for Echo Picture 37734150W Power Supply for Echo Picture 37736150W Power Supply for Echo Picture 37737150W Power Supply for Echo Picture 37738
This is a custom power solution we have put together for our Echo line of systems, using the ISK 110 chassis specifically. It replaces the stock power supply that comes in that case, which is not able to handle the power draw of many desktop processors. By moving from 90W to 150W peak capacity, a much wider range of CPUs can be supported.
William George (Puget Labs Technician)
William George (Puget Labs Technician) Says:
Several parts go into this, including a 3D-printed part for mounting the power plug inside the chassis. It is a great example of the things our Labs department can put together which allow us to provide computing solutions that most other system builders cannot.
Jeff Stubbers (Technology Consultant)
Jeff Stubbers (Technology Consultant) Says:
This power supply is listed as accepting input 100-240V~3A 50/60Hz. Output 12V - 12.5A. The manufacturer lists this PSU as "Low heat dissipation with efficiency over 96%."
Model: Puget Systems EchoI_150PSU

160W picoPSU + 150W AC/DC power brick + mounting adapter for Antec ISK 100

Configure a small form factor PC with the 150W Power Supply for Echo.