PNY Quadro P4000 PCI-E 8GB

Video Card

PNY Quadro P4000 PCI-E 8GB Main Picture

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The NVIDIA Quadro P4000 is a high-end "professional grade" video card, based on the Pascal GPU architecture and offering solid performance for 3D applications. Because of the Pascal architecture it is more efficient than previous Quadro cards of this caliber, with very good single-precision floating point performance as well. This card is not very good at double-precision calculations, though, being handicapped in that regard compared to more specialized models like the GP100. It has 1792 stream processors, a 256-bit memory bus, and 8GB of memory - giving it overall roughly half of the capability of the P6000... but in a single slot card, rather than the dual slot size of the P5000 and P6000.

In addition to good performance for professional 3D applications, the Quadro P4000 also supports several high-res monitors. It can run up to four 5K screens at the same time, thanks to the use of DisplayPort 1.4 outputs - which can be adapted to older video standards as well, if needed (only one DVI adapter is included). A wide range of standards are supported by this card: DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.5, CUDA, and OpenCL (to name a few).
William George (Product Development SME)
William George (Product Development SME) Says:
This is the fastest single-slot video card of its generation, and a good choice for professional applications which need a moderate amount of 3D performance across multiple monitors.
Jeff Stubbers (Tier 3 Consulting Lead)
Jeff Stubbers (Tier 3 Consulting Lead) Says:
This graphics card offer (4) DP 1.4 outputs. Nvidia lists this card as supporting (4) 4096x2160 @ 120Hz, or (4) 5120x2880 @ 60Hz.

Model: PNY VCQP4000-PB


Chipset Manufacturer NVIDIA
Product Line Quadro
Interface PCI Express 3.0 x16
Maximum Digital Resolution 5120x2880
Maximum Monitors Supported 4
HDCP Compliant Yes
GPU Specifications
Stream Processors 1792
Memory Specifications
Video Memory 8GB
Memory Type GDDR5
Memory Bus Width 256-bit
Bandwidth 243 GB/s
Single Precision Floating Point (Peak) 5.3 Tflops
Additional Information
Cooling System Small Fan and Heatsink
DirectX Support DirectX 12
CUDA Support 6.5
OpenGL Support 4.5
Removable Backplate No
Slot Width 1
Port 1 DisplayPort
Port 2 DisplayPort
Port 3 DisplayPort
Port 4 DisplayPort
Power Connectors
Plug 1 6-pin PCI-E
Length 241.3 mm (9.5 in)
Height 111.76 mm (4.4 in)