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Case Study - Zelmar

"[Our Puget Systems workstation] has really cut our processing time tremendously. Historically images like this would take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to render on the old computers. Now it’s taking 15 to 30 minutes."

- Aleks at Zelmar Kitchen Designs & More

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Factor 10

"Most companies are all about flash. Black web site, techie things. Puget's design was clean, to the point. You could tell [the Puget consultant] was interested in selling the right system. He was very sincere, very genuine."

- Luke at Factor 10

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Revit Workstation FAQ


Q: Does having more CPU cores improve Revit Performance?

A: Designing and modeling in Revit is not able to utilize more than a handful of cores. In our testing, we found that a CPU with a high operating frequency will give you the best overall performance for general modeling tasks. Rendering, however, can see moderate to large performance gains with a higher core count CPU. For that reason we use AMD's Threadripper processors with up to 64 cores for our rendering-optimized Revit workstation.

Q: Do I need to use a Quadro card or is GeForce OK?

A: Autodesk only certifies Revit to run on a short list of tested video cards, which are primarily Quadro models. We did not find any major performance difference between GeForce and Quadro cards in our testing, but we do advise following Autodesk's guidelines so that if you have any problems and need their support you won't be stopped by having an uncertified card. We also performed some testing on different Quadro cards, and we found that some of the lower-end models could slow down rendering performance slightly.

Q: How much system RAM do I need?

A: The amount of RAM you need is going to depend on the complexity of your projects, but in general 8GB is the absolute minimum you should get. Most Revit users will be better off with between 16-32GB of RAM, in order to have enough for both their design work as well as other applications they may want to run at the same time.

Q: Will a solid-state drive help me open and save assemblies faster?

A: Yes! SSDs are much faster than traditional hard drives and in many cases can give a noticeable decrease in the time it takes to open and save projects. SSDs also impact the overall responsiveness of a computer, and since Revit files are not very large even a mid-size SSD should have plenty of capacity.

Q: Do I need a Xeon CPU?

A: In the past, Xeon CPUs were more robust than their Core-series counterparts. Today, however, there is very little functional difference between the two Intel product families for workstations. In addition, Xeon CPUs are almost always clocked slightly lower than the Core i7 / i9 CPUs - which means that you will be giving up a small amount of performance to gain a set of features that are typically only useful for servers.

Q: Should I get an overclocked system?

A: In general, we do not recommend overclocking for any professional workstation. Typically, the modest performance gains are not worth the downsides associated with overclocking which can include instability, shorter hardware lifespan, and potential data inaccuracies.

Q: Will these systems work for other design software?

A: Yes! Most parametric modeling applications have very similar system requirements, so these workstations should also be excellent for almost any design, architecture, or even CAD program.

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