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Modeling and Design Workstation for Autodesk Revit

If you need smooth and responsive performance, this system – built around Intel’s Core 13th Gen processors – is ideal for the vast majority of Revit tasks. It is configurable with up to 64GB of RAM, which is enough for all but the largest models, as well as a range of professional NVIDIA video cards and multiple storage options.

For connectivity this system has several USB ports plus Thunderbolt 4 / USB-C. Wired and wireless networking are also built-in, along with analog and digital audio.

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System Core

Most engineering and architecture applications only officially support professional NVIDIA graphics cards due to their higher reliability and more stable drivers. However, in some specific situations (VR visualization in particular) a GeForce card may be a better fit depending on how the system is used.


Case / Cooling



Software / Preferences

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Additional Information

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System Cost


Typically ships in 1-2 weeks