How to replace the optical bay latch on an Antec ISK300-65 Chassis


If someone forces open the door on your Puget Echo I system without pushing it in to release the latch, the latch can break. Replacing it is simple if not easy. This guide provides some photos and details that may help.

Here’s a picture of the part that generally breaks if the door is forced open (Click for a larger view):

The Process

Take off the chassis cover and locate the plastic tabs that secure your chassis bezel to the frame of the chassis. Here they are:

Press these tabs inward toward the center of the front bezel, that will allow them to un-clip from the chassis frame. Once all four are un-clipped, the bezel can be carefully pulled away from the frame. Do this gently, because there are still a lot of wires attached to the front bezel.

Here you can see the front side of the holes that these tabs fit.

Once you’ve taken the front bezel off, you will be able to see the back of the latch (shown below). To remove the latch you’ll need to press in the sides of the latch and push the entire piece out through the front of the chassis bezel.

The new latch should slide into place from the front. Push it in until you feel it *click* into place. Once the new latch is in, line up the clips on the front bezel with the holes in the front of the chassis frame and carefully push it into place until it snaps into place.

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