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Customer Testimonials

We know that your main concern lies in the integrity of the companies you do business with. Especially with internet-based businesses, it is often difficult to determine the true values and goals of your supplier. Here you will find Puget System’s customer testimonials. Entries from our customers are not restricted, and are audited only for inappropriate content. It is our goal to give you a clear picture of our service and product quality, straight from the mouths of our customers. We appreciate any feedback, positive or negative, that you have!

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Jim Petruzzo

Legacy Testimonial: 103

Jon..keep up the great can teach so many companys a thing or two about how to treat a customer or customer to be NOT TO MENTION CUSTOMER whole experience with PCC was far better than i ever imagined, and i got what i wanted. I was looking at a company that claims to build computers but they had to many consumer complaints against them. Then i found your company and the rest is history as they say. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone who is even thinking of a new computer because i know there experience with you and your company will duplicate mine. Jon.. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING

David Hochman

Legacy Testimonial: 102

This is my second system purchase. All the same praise applies as the first time I bought: good pre-purchase advice, a fair price, on-time delivery (to the East Coast), and hardware that works just fine. In addition, Jon walked me through a setup issue that stemmed from my particular LAN configuration, through Live Chat and email exchanges. Try getting Michael Dell to do that! Seriously, this is an amazing company that should be supported by all of us who have bought here, by making referrals to all our friends who may be in the market for PCs.

scott welch

Legacy Testimonial: 101

I have purchased 2 systems from PCC and am very pleased with both.
When I first started looking for a new system, I knew what I wanted it to do but had no concept on what to get. Jon made it easy and understandable. I was so pleased with the first system that I bought another 6 mo later and I plan to upgrade my whole office over the next year.


Legacy Testimonial: 100

I wish I ad $1,300 to give these guys RIGHT NOW for a new system. Jon is knowledgeable, friendly, and –ohmigosh– LISTENS to what your concerns/questions are. The “hand-delivery” for Seattle residents is a WONDERFUL selling point–because it’s a fine way to do business. For people that remember a vet making a house call, or a milkman (am I dating myself?) this business philosiphy is a welcome slice of humanity in a world gone to automated answering systems and “teQ support” that “axes” you a question as to why you’re making them stay on the phone more than 11 minutes… Once I DO have the money, these guys are building my next computer. And the one after that, and the one after that, and the one after that….


Legacy Testimonial: 99

I am one of the most annoying customer ever! Who has bought a computer without a motherboard??? Afterwards I just realize that my “fixed” motherboard is really not working. And then I just called them up and say hey can you give me specifically THIS motherboard? And he just did it for me 🙂


Legacy Testimonial: 98

I bought a system from Puget Custom Computers and I’m very happy with it. The articles on the site are helpful, the feedback and communication from the company are excellent and I feel I got a top-notch product for a fair price.
I will definitely buy from them again.

David Randall

Legacy Testimonial: 97

I bought a system from PCC in May 02 after an incredibly frustrating experience with another system bought from one of the huge computer sellers. I waited before posting feedback so I could use the system for a few months to see if problems developed.

I am sold on PCC. The prices are competitive–or better. My system is terrific. The service and support are unusually good. From my tentative initial steps, when Jon responded, articulately and persuasively, to my questions about whether I was foolish to buy a system from a small company 3,000 miles away on the west coast, through the process of configuration, delivery, and setup when I encountered some minor problems, Jon was an email or phone call away. I turned to PCC because I was fed up with calling the 800-pound gorilla’s tech support and speaking to nameless, faceless, people whose job it is not to deviate from the customer support script. At PCC you can actually talk to real people, with names and phone numbers, who assembled your computer. The support here is better because the company is smaller. They care about whether you are happy, because your business is important to them.

I recommend PCC without reservation.

Blythe Noe

Legacy Testimonial: 96

This is one of the best sites that I have seen for a computer company. Found site today for first time. Based on what I have seen, I expect to place an order for a new computer with this company within a few days – Reason? – It sounds to me like these people are not only very professional, but I am convenced that they are honest, reliable, and this is a combination that one does not find too often. I don’t think that I will be disapointed.

Steve Yellenberg

Legacy Testimonial: 95

Excellent purchasing experience. The ability of PCC to respond to your questions about what system to purchase and what options, based upon your needs, is unsurpassed in the PC industry. I have purchases 2 systems in past from Dell, and others from other custom makers, and even an HP, the sales support from PCC was the best. Plus the web experience of adding the options you want, with prices listed, is unsurpassed. Can recommend PCC to anyone willing to buy online.

David Harmon

Legacy Testimonial: 94

several things influenced my interest in purchasing from your company. First, your having the most up-to-date processer / motherboard / memory combinations. Second, your pricing. Third, your rapid turnaround. I couldn’t find anyone else with this combination on the internet. I even looked at buying the products separately and putting them together myself. I figured I may have been able to save about $300.00 by smart shopping for the separate parts, an amount I feel is very fair to pay you to assemble, bench test and guarantee my system. I am actually buying a few separate components myself that will be easy to add once I get the system in place here at my home. The ease of accessing up-to-date order information on your site is also a pleasure. I am already extremely satisfied with my interaction with your company, the only thing that could possibly spoil that is your product turning out to be something other than what I expect on delivery. I’ve researched your components and if all is operating OK before you ship, I don’t expect any problems their either. Keep up the GREAT work you guys. You’re one of the few companies I’ve run into (I am a MAJOR consumer of electronic goods/toys/etc…) where I can honestly say I feel whatever profit you’ve made on this deal has been honestly earned with good products, upfront marketing, and an incredibly consumer-supportive approach. I earn about 230K per year and probably put about 60-70K of that back into the economy every year in purchases of a variety of durable goods, so I believe I know what I’m talking about. This is actually the first time in a LONG time I’ve made the effort to give a company some major feedback. Usually I deal with negative experiences by not returning any business to those companies, and lately I’ve found my consumer experiences to be full of either negative experiences or experiences that are just barely to the positive side. Not many have reached a level I feel deserves some praise, and the vast majority of those have been face-to-face dealings when I can let them know immediately about my satisfaction. The internet is usually a forum where the consumer trusts who they’re dealing with because they have to in order to utilize this medium. It’s refreshing to run into a company which seems to be successfully transferring a personal in-store approach to the often too-impersonal internet experience.