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Eric Brown (Marketing Manager)

Introduction to Account Management

Written on August 13, 2015 by Eric Brown


For my first blog post, I figured I should probably let you know what it is I do here. Now, if you are reading this, you probably already know what Puget Systems is all about (and if not, talk to us... you're missing out).

Exceptional Service.
Building Relationships.
Customized Solutions.

We work incredibly hard to ensure we deliver on all of these. But over the past few years, as our enterprise accounts have increased in size, and quantity, it has become increasingly difficult to scale that same Puget Systems experience to these businesses. This is why, in the past year, we have been slowly expanding upon the service we provide here at Puget Systems for our rapidly growing business and government customers.

Introducing: Account Management.

It is very important to point out that Account Management is in no way a replacement for the excellent service you receive from the consultants here. These guys are top notch and the incredible job they do cannot be replicated. Instead, Account Management is an additional layer of service to help build a stronger relationship with you and your company. The more we know about you and your company, the better we can tailor our service and our solutions to your exact needs. Sometimes, details about your company that aren't normally addressed can be integral in delivering the perfect solution or service.

With a stronger relationship and more information, we can be much more proactive. Talking with customers, we understand that in order for you to continue to lead in a competitive market, you need access to the best information and tools for your job. This is a central function of Account Management; keeping you informed so you can make the most educated decisions possible and constantly evaluating the solution and service we are providing your company. The scope of this continuous evaluation includes all aspects of your Puget Systems experience -- from consulting, through the production process of your systems, and the service after the delivery. Together, we can tune your experience to your exact needs.

TL;DR: This new service is designed to give your company an inside man here at Puget Systems and a single point of contact for any need your company might have when working with us. Whether it be working with multiple departments (labs, product development, support, consulting, etc.), advocating for a solution to pain points you might be experiencing, or even making a trip out to your company's office to learn more first hand, it's all about doing everything we can to make your job a little easier and provide you with the best experience we can offer.

Feel free to reach out (my contact information is below) if developing a closer business relationship with us is something you and your company is interested in. We are always here to listen and excited to learn about your company and how we can meet its specific needs.

Looking forward to working with you,

Eric Brown
Account Manager

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