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Posted on April 2, 2015

Puget Systems is pleased to offer the new lineup of Intel 750 series PCI-E SSDs! With amazing performance and great cooling, these are an excellent pick for a high performance PC or workstation.

With a massive performance advantage over other popular SSDs, this is a drive you really need to check out!  Here is how they perform compared to other popular high performance SSDs:


We also tested the Intel 750 drives under thermal imaging.  With other high performance PCI-E SSDs, it is common to find the controller on the drive to run VERY hot, so hot that we are not comfortable using them without modifying them to add more cooling.  This is not a problem with the Intel 750 drives!  They run nice and cool, with a max temperature of 55C when under load.


IDLE Max 34C

LOAD Max 55C


We're excited to offer these new high performance drives.  They are available an most all of our configurations, starting today!