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Puget Systems on Facebook

Written on July 1, 2009 by Perry Azevedo

Puget Systems has been slowly joining the ranks of the Social Media circles. As of now, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.

Recently, Facebook has added the ability to have usernames for accounts. Hurray! One of the benefits of this is that instead of a long, unmemorable URL, you can now give friends an easy-to-remember URL in order to pull up your profile. So, for example, I can now be found at www.facebook.com/perryazevedo.

The same feature is also available for Celebrity, Musician and Business pages...however with a catch! You must first have 1000 fans!

Oh dear!

Seeing as our Facebook page is brand new, we don't have very many friends and fans that have discovered us. So, this is our official announcement:


Come help us reach 1000 fans status so we can get our ultra-cool custom URL on Facebook! Just go to our Page on Facebook and click "Become a Fan"! See you online.

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The 1000 fan rule was dumped about a week ago I think. It's purpose was to keep squatters from grabbing high value URL's by giving the rightful brands a head start. So you're in the clear, grab it.

Posted on 2009-07-02 01:29:14

Looks like they dropped it to 100 fans. So, all we need is to get 100!!

Posted on 2009-07-06 17:13:08