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Zemax OpticStudio14 Workstation
Puget Systems Peak Quad Xeon

Built on 05/20/14


Full Specs

Supermicro X9QRI-F+
4x Intel Xeon E5-4627 V2 3.3GHz Eight Core 16MB 130W
16x Kingston DDR3-1600 8GB ECC Reg.
NVIDIA Quadro K2000 PCI-E 2GB
Rosewill Blackhawk Ultra
Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard

Additional Notes

Need the most compute capability you can get in a workstation for Zemax OpticStudio14?

With cooperation from Zemax we tested Zemax OpticStudio14 Sp1 on our Puget Peak Quad Xeon Tower for a customer who needed maximum performance for his job runs. Our test numbers were enthusiastically received by the customer and by the Zemax team who told us that these were the best performance numbers they have ever seen reported for their software!

We used one of our "testbench" systems to evaluate the thread scaling performance performance of Zemax OpticStudio 14 using their standard benchmark "Double Gauss 28 degree field" The results are reported in the performance chart.

We used the 40 cores from our Quad Intel Xeon E5-4624Lv2 test system to determine the parallel thread scaling of the software. This couple with higher CPU clock scaling allowed us to configure the optimal recommended system.

Puget Peak Quad Xeon Tower:
4 x Intel Xeon E5-4627v2 (3.3GHz) EIGHT CORE Ivy Bridge

Notes from the performance chart: ( see blog post Quad Xeon 4600v2 Performance - Zemax OpticStudio14 for details )

* The baseline reference was the customers dual Xeon system, E5640 @2.66GHz (8 total cores)

** Based on the scaling and performance we can make a good prediction about our recommended system for this application -- 4 x Intel Xeon E5-4627v2 (3.3GHz) EIGHT CORE. The typical job times for the customer we were doing this testing for were over an hour so we are confident that considering a higher clocked processor for optimal individual thread performance and lower core count for optimal thread scaling would be the best overall system recommendation.

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