NVIDIA Titan V vs Titan Xp Preliminary Machine Learning and Simulation Tests

NIVIDA announced availability of the the Titan V card Friday December 8th. We had a couple in hand for testing on Monday December 11th, nice! I ran through many of the machine learning and simulation testing problems that I have done on Titan cards in the past. Results are not the near doubling in performance of past generations… but read on.

TitanXp vs GTX1080Ti for Machine Learning

NVIDIA has released the Titan Xp which is an update to the Titan X Pascal (they both use the Pascal GPU core). They also recently released the GTX1080Ti which proved to be every bit as good at the Titan X Pascal but at a much lower price. The new Titan Xp does offer better performance and is currently their fastest GeForce card. How much faster? I decided to find out by running a large Deep Learning image classification job to see how it performs for GPU accelerated Machine Learning.