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Recommended Systems for Adobe After Effects

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After Effects is primarily a CPU bound application so both our Compact and Standard Workstations are both built around a number of powerful Intel Core i7 CPUs that combine a relatively high frequency with between six and ten CPU cores. Where you used to need a dual Xeon workstation for maximum performance, the latest Intel processors with up to 10 cores makes dual Xeon workstations a thing of the past. In fact, not only are they longer necessary, in most cases they would actually be slower than a system with a single CPU.

Although the GPU used to be largely unused by AE, the latest version of After Effects is able to utilize the power of the GPU to increase performance by up to 10X for a limited number of effects (Lumetri Color, Gaussian Blur, and Sharpen).

The advantage of this system over the Compact system is the capability for up to 512GB of RAM which may be required for complex After Effects project. This system is based on our Genesis I certified system only with the non-relevant components removed and includes all of the features that come with that system including free 1-year Next Business Day Onsite Service + 24hr Help Desk.

If you are not sure which hardware choice is right for you we recommend reading through the Recommended Hardware section. And as always, don't hesitate to contact one of our sales consultants if you require assistance or a hardware configuration that is not covered by our recommended systems.

System Core

The Intel Core i7 6850K should give the best overall performance in AE, although the higher end CPUs are more effective at motion tracking and can give greater performance in programs such as Premiere Pro.
Quadro cards are required for 30-bit color (RGB) / 10-bit displays


SSD for OS and software
SSD for project files & disc cache
Optional storage drive or dedicated SSD for disc cache
Optional drive for long-term storage & archiving

Case / Cooling




Software / Preferences

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