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Single GPU Tower Workstation
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Single GPU Tower Workstation for Machine Learning / AI

Desktop workstation optimized for running generative vision models like Stable Diffusion as well as Linux-based machine learning and AI development work.

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Puget Labs Certified

These hardware configurations have been developed and verified through frequent testing by our Labs team. Click here for more details.


This mid-tower workstation is a great entry point for working with generative vision models in Windows or getting into ML / AI development and model training in Linux. The core system specs are based on the configuration we used here in our lab for testing Stable Diffusion. Several powerful NVIDIA graphics card options are available from both their GeForce and professional RTX product lines. If you are using Automatic 1111, we strongly recommend installing the TensorRT extension to get the best performance.

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System Core

For development work in Linux, select at least twice as much system memory as GPU VRAM


Primary drive for your operating system and core software
Additional storage space for hosting models

Chassis & Cooling


Select Linux for model training, development work, and access to the widest range of AI applications


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Software & Preferences

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VLC   [add $0.00]

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