Dear Bitplane and Imaris Users

Dear Bitplane and Imaris Customers,

Over the past year and a half, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with you all in our effort to provide optimized workstations tailored specifically for the needs of Imaris users. If you’re not already aware, we spent a significant amount of time and resources to test and validate our workstations with the Imaris software. It is because of this extraordinary amount of time and effort that goes into one of our “Recommended System” that, as we are currently growing and shifting our focus within this program, we will no longer be able to maintain and update our “Recommended Systems for Imaris”.

We would like to clarify, though, that this in no way means that we are unable to continue providing workstations tailored for the needs of Imaris users. But simply that we will no longer be performing the extensive testing necessary to maintain one of our “Recommended Systems” for this software package. If you are looking for a workstation capable of running Imaris, please feel free to look at our Genesis line of workstations (below) or reach out to one of our consultants at 425.458.0273 or [email protected].

Still looking for an Imaris workstation?

Genesis I

We know your time is money, and nobody wants to wait around while their PC plays catch up. Genesis will power through your workloads giving you more time to focus on your business. We use enterprise class components to give consistent, scalable and reliable performance.


Thank you so much for your understanding and we look forward to working with you.