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Questions from Customers: Windows 10

Written on August 5, 2015 by Richard Millard
Windows 10 launched this week, and our customers have naturally had some questions. Below are some of the most frequent questions we've heard. We'll keep this document updated with new questions as the launch continues to roll out.
Should I upgrade to Windows 10?
Initial reactions to Windows 10 have been largely positive. One concern to have when upgrading your system is whether or not your hardware is supported. If you have relatively modern hardware, we expect a fairly smooth upgrade process. If you're running older hardware, then driver support could be lacking, and we advise caution.
As always, we strongly recommend that you back up all your important data before performing an OS upgrade, just in case.
When I try and upgrade to Windows 10, I'm getting an error message.
Microsoft says that you can use the Media Creation Tool to force an upgrade to Windows 10 on an eligible system. Using this itool should fix the problem, but it's recommended for tech-savvy users only. Be sure to select the option to upgrade your existing installation.
How do I do a fresh install of Windows 10? I tried, but it is not accepting my Windows 7 or Windows 8 product key.
Your windows 7 or 8.1 Product Key will not work with Windows 10. Instead, you must do a Windows Upgrade from a previous version of Windows.
Do I need to make any changes to my computer before upgrading to Windows 10?
We haven't seen any definitive problems, but we do recommend uninstalling Classic Shell before upgrading. We've seen intermittent cases where it might be making Windows 10 unusable after the upgrade finishes.
Do I need to update my BIOS before I install Windows 10?
Nope! We don't recommend upgrading your BIOS unless you have a specific reason to do so. Upgrading a BIOS incorrectly can permanently break your computer, so we prefer to use the old adage: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"
What if I hate Windows 10? How do I go back?
According to Microsoft, as long as it's been less than a month since you've upgraded, you'll be able to go back to your previous Windows version from Settings > Update & Security > Recovery.
Additional Reading:
Microsoft has their own Windows 10 FAQ, which you can find here.
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Hi Richard,

I found a nice article at How To Geek http://www.howtogeek.com/22... about doing a fresh install of Windows 10. This is in regard to the question above. The article gives quite a bit of detail. --Preston

Posted on 2015-08-08 17:41:13

Good find Preston_B! I've been a big fan of HowToGeek for years. Even their newsletter is full of great articles and facts.

Posted on 2015-08-18 16:03:05

How am I to properly do a clean WIndows 10 install on my Puget Systems computer which came with 7 Pro? I've already done the upgrade to 10, but I'm convinced I may be seeing issues which may go away with a clean install.

Posted on 2015-09-10 00:51:08
Wilson Chau


I suggested contacting our support department at at support@pugetsystems.com or 888.784.3872 ext 2. They should be able to guide your through that.

Posted on 2015-09-10 00:53:24