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Recommended Systems for Cinema 4D

Rendering Optimized Main Picture

If you need increased rendering performance, this system provides multiple ways to reduce the time it takes to render a scene depending on whether you use a CPU-based engine (which are highly effective at using high core count CPUs) or a GPU-based engine (which are capable of utilizing multiple video cards to increase performance).

If you primarily use a CPU-based rendering engine, like the one included with Cinema 4D, this workstation accomodates CPUs with up to 18 cores - reducing render times tremendously compared to our Design & Animation system.

If you are looking for increased GPU-based rendering performance instead, this workstation is also capable of utilizing dual video cards. The performance boost varies from one engine to another, but using two GPUs can result in up to a 2x increase in rendering speed compared to the single GPU in our Design & Animation system.

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System Core

Many 3D Design applications only officially support NVIDIA Quadro cards, although in some instances (primarily game development) a GeForce card may be desired.
Accelerator video cards provide additional performance when using GPU-based rendering engines such as V-Ray RT, Octane Render, Iray, Furryball RT, Redshift, etc.


Optional long-term storage drive
Optional active projects drive

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