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QuickSync Configuration for DaVinci Resolve


While Intel's mainstream Core processors do not have as much raw processing power as their competition, they do have an edge when it comes to working with certain video codecs in supported applications: QuickSync. In the case of DaVinci Resolve, this provides hardware acceleration for working with H.265 based footage which other video cards cannot currently provide. Editors and color graders working with that codec can get great performance for a relatively low price with this platform.

If you are not sure which hardware choice is right for you we recommend reading through the Recommended Hardware section. And as always, don't hesitate to contact one of our technology consultants if you require assistance or a hardware configuration that is not covered by our recommended systems.

Windows 11 Ready!

System Core

Intel CPU memory support specs will determine what speed DDR5 actually runs at based on the number of installed modules and what rank they are - resulting in speeds from 3600 to 4800MHz, depending on the exact setup. However, we have found only a small difference in real-world performance from DDR5 memory speeds, so we strongly recommend getting the right amount of RAM for your applications.
We highly recommend maintaining the same GPU model between your primary video card and accelerators. Additionally, multiple GPUs only work in DaVinci Resolve Studio (the paid, rather than free, version).
This system can fit 1 expansion card, alongside 2 video cards, to provide additional I/O or networking capabilities


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