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Recommended Systems for V-Ray

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If you need the fastest render times possible, look no further than our dual CPU workstation with two Intel Xeon E5 V4 processors. V-Ray is highly effective at utilizing a larger number of CPU cores, and with anywhere from 28 to 44 cores this workstation should be able to complete large renders up to 2 or 3 times faster than our single CPU system.

Note that the trade-off to these high core count CPUs is that each individual core is slower than the ones on our Single CPU workstation. While terrific for rendering, it means that this system will be slower for general modeling tasks in applications like SOLIDWORKS, 3ds Max, Maya, or Cinema 4D.

If you utilize V-Ray RT in your workflow, this system can fit up to four video cards, providing incredible GPU-based rendering performance.

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Accelerators are used to further improve performance with V-Ray RT


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