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If your focus is on V-Ray Next GPU, and you want very fast rendering without a huge price tag, this single CPU tower is a perfect fit. It uses Intel's Xeon W processor platform to support up to four video cards - enabling tremendously fast performance in V-Ray Next GPU and other GPU-based render engines. With version 3.6 and higher, V-Ray Next GPU can also utilize your CPU alongside the GPUs, so you can select a high core count Xeon if you wish... but your budget will usually be better spent on faster video cards.

The specific Xeon W processors we utilize here have reasonably high per-core performance as well, providing good performance for 3D modeling and animation as well. It is far more expensive than a pure modeling system would need to be, but will handle your work in applications like SOLIDWORKS, 3ds Max, Maya, and Cinema 4D very nicely even before you are ready to render.

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