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Art and Design Workstation for Game Development

This compact tower system is well suited to game design tasks – from creating 3D assets in Maya and ZBrush, to working inside game engines like Unreal and Unity. AMD’s Ryzen processors offer high clock speeds along with a decent number of cores to handle your entire game dev workflow. Complimenting that, NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX graphics cards offer high 3D performance along with a solid amount of VRAM.

The Fractal Design Define 7 Mini case has USB and audio ports along the top front edge, while the motherboard’s rear I/O panel provides more USB ports, additional audio connectivity, and both Ethernet and WiFi for networking. In a chassis of this size space is somewhat limited, but a range of options are still supported – including up to 64GB of memory and multiple solid-state and hard drive configurations. There are also plenty of fans to keep things cool, with filters over the air intakes to help reduce dust buildup.

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