Removing Instapak Foam

How to Remove Instapak Foam from your Computer

In order to help prevent shipping damage, we might pack certain systems with Instapak foam. Instapak is moldable foam solution which helps to minimze possible shipping damage from bumps and vibration.

It’s important that you remove the Instapak from your system before you turn it on. This page will help walk you through that process. You can click on any of the pictures for a closer view.

The first step is to remove the side panel. When you view the system from behind, this will be the right-hand panel. It’s secured by two thumbscrews, and in most cases should not require a screwdriver.

Remove the thumbscrew from the upper right and lower right corner of the case.

Next, simply slide the side panel off of the computer tower. Do this by pulling towards the rear of the computer, the panel should slide a few inches and then fall easily away from the tower.

Remove the panel and sit it somewhere safe. If your tower has a window, take care not to scratch it.

Gently remove the blue Instapak foam. It should come out easily without having to apply any force. If there’s significant resistance, look for any obstructions and see what’s restraining the foam. Save the foam with the rest of your packing materials, in case you need to ship the computer in the future.

Simply replace the side panel and secure with the thumb screws. You’re all set!