A Guide to Computer Hardware

Today, computers are found in over 80% of American households. Nearly every mall and major electronics store makes computer shopping as accessible as buying a new toaster. However, a computer is significantly more complicated than your average toaster! I speak with a dozen people each day who are trying to make sense of Gigahertz, Wattages, Decibels, and everything in between.

Welcome to Computer Hardware 101, a basic overview of what-is-what in computers. Hopefully this article will leave you with a basic understanding of the nuts and bolts of your typical computer hardware, and equip you to make informed decisions about what you need in your next computer.

The Sound of Silence: Building a Quiet PC

It’s easy enough to make a fast computer…what’s not easy is making a PC like that quiet! It can be especially difficult since the components tend to run hot. The key is finding the right balance between performance, optimal cooling, and quiet. This article will show how you can have a system that roars with power but not noise.

PC Power Supplies – Will It Give Me More FPS!?

The lowly power supply – In today’s world, the power supply is often assumed to be a commodity item. Maybe the problem is that we, as PC enthusiasts, do not grasp the full import of a power supply. A power supply is like the heart of your PC – it pumps the juice to the various parts of the system. As computer desktop operating systems and general productivity software become more stable and reliable, the power supply can present the weakest link in a computer system. A faulty power supply can cause intermittent lockups and rebooting. In this article, we’ll look at how to pick a good power supply!