Why Buy From Puget Systems?

When I was a first time home owner in 2005, I wanted to have a fence built for my house. Just like any budget conscious consumer, I got a number of quotes from various contractors.  There was quite a bit of range of cost between the quotes. Seeing that on the surface the materials were the same (it’s just wood, right?!), I went with the lowest quote (which was about 40% less than the highest quote). After a year, there was some slanting occurring on one of the wood posts. By year two, it was more pronounced. We then had a pretty heavy windstorm which knocked the post down and as well as the panels connected to it. I was able to stabilize it and reinstall the panel, but by now it was leaning quite dramatically. So much so that my HOA sent me a letter saying that I needed to have it repaired or else we would be fined. My new contractor pointed out the poor workmanship of the previous builder (using wood screws to screw in the panels, using metal brackets, not leaving some spacing between the ground and the bottom of the panel, etc…). I decided to have him tear down the old fence and rebuild it the correct way this time.  In the end, building the fence cost me more than if I would have gone with a reputable builder in the first place.

As one of the sales reps here at Puget Systems, I often get questions from clients who ask “Why should I buy from Puget Systems when Company XYZ can build me the same system for less?” It’s a fair question and one that should be asked. After all, it’s your money and it’s a lot of money, so you have to do what is best.  Anytime I hear that question though, I think back about my fence experience.

We’re definitely not the cheapest builders on the block. However, we believe we build better machines than our competitors that are more thoroughly tested and provide better after sales support.  We have qualified personnel on staff to assist you at every step of configuring your system, building your system, and offering support.  It costs more to have these individuals on staff, but we believe offering better systems and better service to our customers is more important than trying to offer systems at the lowest cost.  It would be easy to create a more affordable system by cutting our qualified staff, farming out our Tech Support, or using lesser components, but that would be contrary to our philosophy.

Just know that when you buy from Puget Systems, you are getting a high quality and reliable machine using qualified parts from a reputable company who will be with you for the life of your machine.