Announcing Puget Labs

Last December, we got together at Puget Systems and talked about our industry, how we see computers evolving, and how Puget Systems can continue to grow as a leader in our industry. We mapped out an exciting long term plan, with some ambitious goals for 2011. I am happy to announce today one piece of that plan — Puget Labs. What is that all about?

One of our core values here at Puget Systems is transparency. We detest hype, and this industry is full of it. Our mission here at Puget Systems is to identify and provide only the best quality hardware and services, and to back up our decisions by freely sharing what we’ve learned along the way. To earn a place in our product line, a computer component undergoes rigorous testing. We apply the results of our testing, along with our years of experience in learning reliability trends and manufacturer characteristics, to make prudent decisions about what we can put our name behind. With Puget Labs, we are writing up the results of these internal processes, and taking them public. Under Puget Labs, we feel we can take on product testing with a unique perspective. No one that I know of is reviewing products with the experience, resources, and objectivity of a system builder.

Of course, hardware testing and publication is only one of many missions of Puget Labs. Study of reliability trends (batch issues, BOM changes), internal training, product and process development…there are many other ways Puget Labs will be improving Puget Systems from within. Puget Systems is already known as one of the most transparent, informative, and pragmatic in the industry. I’m excited for the months ahead, as we take this to a new level!