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Metashape Benchmark

Written on May 3, 2019 by William George

Metashape Logo (all rights to this image belong to Agisoft)

Here at Puget Systems, we have put together a benchmark utility for Agisoft Metashape which measures system performance by running two small projects - one model and one map - and tracking the time taken to process each step. This benchmark is freely available to download, below, though running it requires a valid installation of Metashape on a 64-bit (x64) Windows operating system. We built and tested it on Metashape Professional, which is available for a 30-day trial if you do not already own a license for it.

PugetBench for Metashape Pro Standard

Download from Puget Systems

Short test - 15 to 60 minutes on most systems

PugetBench for Metashape Pro Extended

Download from Puget Systems

Longer test - 3 to 12 hours on most systems

Be sure to check out the full list of benchmarks we have available!

How to Use the Metashape Benchmark

Using this benchmark is quite simple, and it functions through the Python scripting support built into Metashape Professional.

  1. Download the Metashape Benchmark file by clicking on the blue button above
  2. Once downloaded, unzip "PugetBench for Metashape Pro.zip" to a location where you have write permission
  3. Run "PugetBench for Metashape Pro.exe"
  4. On the splash screen, click Start
  5. Wait for the benchmark to finish - please avoid using the mouse or keyboard, so as not to interrupt proper script operation
  6. When complete, the benchmark will display the results, upload them to our website, and save them to "Benchmark Results.txt"

Alternatively, if the .exe file is not working for you, you can directly run the Python script within Metashape Pro:

  1. Run Metashape Pro
  2. Open the "Puget Systems Benchmark.psx" project file (from the zip file) within Metashape
  3. Go to the Tools drop down menu and click on Run Script
  4. Click on the folder icon and navigate to the location where you unzipped the benchmark files
  5. Select the "Puget Systems Benchmark.py" file, click on Open, and then click on OK
  6. At the intro screen, read the description and then click on Start to begin
  7. Avoid using the mouse or keyboard during the benchmark execution - changing focus at the wrong time may interfere with it
  8. When the benchmark is complete, Metashape will close. Look at the "Benchmark Results.txt" file for results and system specs

You can compare the results from running this benchmark on your system to those shown in our current Metashape performance articles. Older Metashape and PhotoScan articles used different image sets, so those results will not be comparable to this benchmarking tool.

Please feel free to ask questions and share your results / system specs in the comments below!

Update Log

5-3-2019: Initial public release
5-8-2019: Update to benchmark, breaking it into a few smaller steps and adding model calculation via Depth Maps. Total processing times are directly comparable to previous release, but some of the step times are not.
5-15-2019: Update to benchmark, enabling support for Metashape Professional 1.5.2 (1.5.0 and 1.5.1 should still work as well)
10-30-2019: Update to settings used during 'Build Mesh from Depth Maps' step for compatibility with Metashape Pro 1.5.5 (might break backward compatibility with older versions)
01-09-2020: Update to support latest version (1.6.0 - older versions will not work) and remove some outdated processing steps; added extended benchmark variant for longer test runs
07-29-2020: Updated Build Tiled Model save file for School Map project to support version 1.6.3 (seems to still work with 1.6.2 as well)
08-05-2020: Updated Park Map save files (in the Extended Benchmark) to support version 1.6.3 (untested in previous versions)
02-01-2021: Changed file hosting to MediaFire
02-04-2021: Renamed to PugetBench for Metashape Pro, updated benchmark files and scripts, added uploading of results to our website
03-10-2021: Changed Extended Benchmark hosting to Google Drive
02-04-2022: Changed benchmark hosting to Puget Systems

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