Fractal Design Define 7 Chassis Overlaid with NVIDIA GeForce RTX Studio logo

NVIDIA RTX Studio Desktop Workstation

Our NVIDIA RTX Studio PC is designed to be an all-around desktop for content creation workflows. It is equipped with NVIDIA’s fantastic GeForce graphics cards and runs their Studio drivers for the best performance with creative applications. While it is fairly affordable and well balanced, we know that every user runs a unique mix of software and has a different budget to work with – so we strongly recommend contacting us before you purchase to make sure that you get a system tailored for your specific situation.

We also offer workstations optimized for a variety of applications in:

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System Core

Intel CPU memory support specs will determine what speed DDR5 actually runs at based on the number of installed modules and what rank they are – resulting in speeds from 3600 to 4800MHz, depending on the exact setup. However, we have found only a small difference in real-world performance from DDR5 memory speeds, so we strongly recommend getting the right amount of RAM for your applications.


Case / Cooling



Software / Preferences

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System Cost


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