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Beth Smasal

production technician

Beth is an Production Technician who’s been with Puget Systems since 2016. Prior to joining the team, she worked in IT and graphic design. Beth enjoys dabbling in photography as well. With her experience in the graphic design field, Beth understands the importance of having a system that can run a multitude of high-powered software and is capable of storing and backing-up large projects. Ask Beth, and she’ll tell you she joined Puget Systems because "everyone here is highly knowledgeable and they all bring a sense of fun to work." In addition to her work at Puget Systems, Beth is a full-time college student.

Seattle, WA

Beth Smasal's Recent Comments:

  • Logitech M500 Laser Mouse picture
    Beth Smasal (Production Technician) Says:
    From personal experience I'm a big fan of Logitech equipment and I've been using the same Logitech mouse for the last 6 years. It's still going strong!
  • EVGA SuperNOVA 650W P2 Power Supply picture
    Beth Smasal (Production Technician) Says:
    This is the most popular choice of power supply I've seen go through the shop and for good reason. The 650W is a reliable power supply and it fits perfectly into my favorite case, the R5 :)
  • Additional Chassis Fan picture
    Beth Smasal (Production Technician) Says:
    Adding a fan will be a big help if you're planning on adding larger video cards or 3+ drives, strategic airflow is a key component to maintaining the quality of your system.
  • Case Fans Upgrade Kit (Quiet Fixed-speed) picture
    Beth Smasal (Production Technician) Says:
    I've worked with a lot of fans over the years and these ones are incredible! They're VERY quiet and I've never found a bad one. I'd highly recommend adding Noctuas if you're concerned about noise.
  • Fractal Design Define R5 Black picture
    Beth Smasal (Production Technician) Says:
    Personally, this is my favorite case. The R5 looks sleek, has a lot of room to add drives and video cards, and it's quiet. I'm partial to the look of the black-out case, the matte black panels and door give it a minimalist edge.