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Jon Bach (President)

The New Puget Office! - Construction Video

Written on February 4, 2009 by Jon Bach

I'm very happy to be writing this post from our new offices, where we have been operating now for two weeks. When we bought a new warehouse last May, I can honestly say I had no idea how much time and effort it would take to get the construction done and our company moved. Now that we're done, I'm excited to be back and focusing on the business (not the building!). Having purchased this building, there are two messages I want to make sure to put out there:

  1. We are here to stay. In this difficult economy, there is a lot of concern over small businesses and their survival. Who wants to buy a computer from a company that won't be around tomorrow? We're putting our money where our mouth is when we say we're not going anywhere. Yep, this economy is tough, but we're solid and have no intentions of wavering!

  2. We are well positioned for growth. We're no longer putting a huge chunk of our overhead into rent -- now we're paying a mortgage. With every month that passes from this point from this point forward, we're building equity and with it, the ability to execute bigger plans. We're definitely growing as a player in our industry, and I'm excited about that.

When we began construction, we set up a few cameras, each taking a picture once a second. With that, we've assembled a time lapse video documenting our construction and move-in. Enjoy!

Jon, you are the king of the high-speed, time-lapsed music video montage!

Posted on 2009-02-05 02:06:01

I know, I can't resist. I'm running out of fast-paced music I like though :)

Posted on 2009-02-05 02:07:29
Byron Monahan


congrats on the new building! looks great!

Posted on 2009-02-05 16:57:18
Richard Stock

nice piece, Jon.
Where are all the skylights to combat the NW climate?? And where are the surfboards on the walls....oh, that would be So.CA. Good luck w/your new place. Let us all know when you're on the stock exchange.

Posted on 2009-02-05 20:57:05
Richard Stock

Oh, one other thing...I'm really disappointed that you didn't submerge the entire building in water or cooking oil a la your famous special desktop. Would have been a news story and photo op. You missed your chance. :-)

Posted on 2009-02-05 21:32:13

I dropped my computer off there the other day for upgrades and what a beautiful building in and out! Very high class set up. I received the deluxe tour and you guys have it made now. The look on your face was priceless when i walked by your office and you were on the phone ahahahahah (inside joke dont tell)

Posted on 2009-02-10 02:49:29

I wish my boss would take some advice from you guys. we've got ezpc here in Topeka, I've tried to get him selling online, expanding, he won't do it. The money is there, but he'd rather screw around. REALLY wish I could be apart of Puget. In the mean time, I've started myself online.


Keep up the great work Jon.

Posted on 2009-02-20 00:53:56
Richard Weisgerber

Hello Jon,

Personally, this part could use some re-work.

"We’re putting our money where our mouth is when we say we’re not going anywhere."

I must apologize for my up-fronted-ness on this, however.

"not going anywhere".... hmmmm

not giving up now

being here for you

I submitted my résumé a few minutes ago in order to join your team, in view of the fact that truly I see what your intended statement leans toward. :)

Have a great weekend, Jon.

Posted on 2009-02-28 22:32:36

Hi Richard. Sorry, I don't understand what you're saying.

Posted on 2009-03-02 02:18:46

I enjoyed very much!  Wish I'd found it sooner--fun to see the days fading in and out.  Great company with great service, you can't go wrong.

Posted on 2011-11-23 02:46:20