Thunderbolt with PCs


We’ve recently seen an influx with Mac users wanting to migrate to the PC. This is due to the higher cost and lower performance of the Mac compared to the the PC. There might be hope around the corner for the Mac diehard as Apples has announced they are working on a new version of the Mac Pro. Only there’s one catch….you may have to wait till 2019!


For those that don’t want to wait that long, you can get one of our recommended Adobe Premiere Pro systems. There’s generally two hurdles that that give Mac owners pause. The first is going from an OS that they know to one that they’ve heard horror stories about. I’d be the first to admit that Windows has its flaws. But once you adjust, you’ll find the program environments are nearly identical across either OS. That was the same experience the guys at Spot MPG went through.


The second item that often comes up in the discussion is Thunderbolt support. There’s a number of Mac users running Thunderbolt Displays and Thunderbolt drives. The PC has had a terrible history with Thunderbolt. Even our own experience has been horrid from TB1, to TB2, and even TB3 until recently. After years of trying to get a stable and working Thunderbolt port, we finally have a board with Thunderbolt that passed all our qualifications.


The Gigabyte GA-X99-Designare EX Rev 1.0 has a built in Thunderbolt 3 port that we’ve tested on TB2 and TB3 external drives. We recently got our hands on a Thunderbolt Apple Cinema display and that works as well too!



The Thunderbolt passthrough also works as we had it connected to Pegasus2 Thunderbolt external enclosures.


It’s always great to find solutions for our clients.


If you have further question or concerns, please visit our Mac to PC FAQ page or contact one of our consultants to assist.