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Recommended Systems for Adobe Premiere Pro





Utilizing an Intel Core i7 CPU with up to 10 cores, this workstation provides the best possible performance for Premiere Pro in a compact package.



While physically larger than the Compact Workstation, this system allows for up to 512GB of RAM and a wider range of storage options.


Which system is right for you?

There are so many different models, brands, and revisions of hardware that choosing the right components for your system can be a huge challenge. We've taken the time to perform in-depth analysis and worked with many professional video editors to determine exactly what kind of hardware is needed for Premiere Pro. This ensures that you will be getting a system that has all the capabilities you need without spending money on components that will not be beneficial.

Compact Workstation

If you need a compact platform for Premiere Pro, this workstation packs a huge amount of power into a small space. This system is actually just as fast as the Standard Workstation (as it has the same CPU and GPU options) but it is physically about 40% smaller by volume. However, the smaller physical size limits the amount of RAM and number of hard drives that can be used. Even with these limitations, this system is still capable of up to 256GB of RAM which should be more than enough for the majority of Premiere Pro users unless you are working with 8K or higher resolution footage.

Measuring just 8.7x11.6x13.9", this system provides excellent performance in a small package without the added noise often found in other compact systems. In addition, if you need to transport your workstation we have an optional hard shell travel case that is small enough to be used as a carry on item on most airlines.

Standard Workstation

No matter the type of footage you work with (1080p/4K/6K, H.264/CineForm/ProRes/RED, etc), this system is ideal for Premiere Pro. Where you used to need a dual Xeon workstation for maximum performance, the latest Intel processors with up to 10 cores combined with an NVIDIA video card to take advantage of the GPU accelerated features in Premiere Pro makes dual Xeon workstations a thing of the past. In fact, not only are they longer necessary, in most cases they would actually be slower than a system with a single CPU.

Alongside the powerful Intel processor and NVIDIA GPU, this system is also capable of a wide range of storage options (including NVMe, SSD, and platter drives) and up to 512GB of RAM for the situations where high RAM capacity is necessary. 

This Workstation is built around our popular Genesis I certified system only with the non-relevant components removed and includes all of the features that come with that system including free 1-year Next Business Day Onsite Service + 24hr Help Desk support.

Premiere Pro Hardware Articles:

If you are configuring a workstation for Premiere Pro, we have a number of articles regarding the hardware requirements for Premiere Pro that you may be interested in. If you prefer a summary, we also have a list of Hardware Recommendations for Premiere Pro based on the findings of these articles.

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