International Policies

International Policies

Canadian Shipments

  1. Canadian shipments will be quoted Delivered Duties Paid (DDP), unless otherwise specified. Puget Systems will prepay all of the shipping costs, taxes, duties, insurance and export fees associated with shipments into Canada. These costs will be added to the invoice cost of the purchased equipment.
  2. Puget Systems will be the importer of record and shipments will be exported under our non-resident importer status where delivered pricing is requested. Puget Systems customers will only represent the final consignee with respect to the import into Canada. All associated costs will be prepaid and the shipment will arrive at the final destination with clean title.
  3. Canadian shipments will be exported into Canada duty free under the MFN (Most Favored Nations) Canada Tariff Treatment. Puget Systems is importing our systems into the Canadian market duty free under the terms of Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA). This classification enables our systems to be imported without duties and avoid delays and detention fees.

General Info for International Users

  1. Our customer service hours are from M-F, 7am – 5pm PST (Pacific Standard Time). We are based in the United States, near Seattle WA, and operate during standard business hours for our region.
  2. The power cords we provide are for US style wall sockets only. If you require a different style power plug, you must source that cable locally.

Using Puget Systems Workstations Abroad

  1. Customers transporting PCs outside the countries that Puget Systems normally serves are responsible for all shipping costs, including brokerage fees, taxes, and import duties, for any warranty repairs or part replacements. Puget Systems will do its best to support existing customers who are traveling or moving outside the US and Canada, but we cannot cover the high costs of shipping internationally.
  2. If your PC sustains physical damage during shipping, immediately take pictures and report the damage to your shipping carrier. Puget Systems can assist you with this process, but the more careful you are to document the damage, the more likely that you will have a smooth process in filing a damage claim with the carrier. Puget Systems is not responsible for any shipping damage incurred when traveling outside the US and Canada.
  3. Check before using peripherals in countries that do not use 120V/60Hz power. Most PC and laptop power supplies can switch to 240V/50Hz, but many peripherals are hard set to local power systems, so you may need to source those locally.