International Policies

  1. International customers are responsible for all brokerage fees, taxes and import duties. Puget Systems is not in any way involved with determining or collecting those costs. These costs vary greatly by location, so we cannot tell you how much cost to expect, but your local government can provide this information. Your shipping carrier will communicate your final costs for collection just before delivery.
  2. International customers are responsible for all shipping costs, including any warranty repairs or part replacements. Puget Systems is proud to be able to offer our PCs internationally, but the high costs of shipping mean that we can only service other countries to individuals who are willing to accept the risk of these costs.
  3. If your PC arrives with physical damage, immediately take pictures and report the damage to your shipping carrier. Puget Systems can assist you with this process, but the more careful you are to document the damage, the more likely that you will have a smooth process in filing a damage claim with the carrier.
  4. Our customer service hours are from M-F, 7am – 5pm PST (Pacific Standard Time). We are based in the United States, in Seattle WA, and operate during standard business hours for our region.
  5. No special order parts are allowed on international orders. We take great care to qualify and test our product line. The risk of problem associated with parts we have not qualified it too great when working internationally.
  6. No peripherals are allowed in countries that do not use 120V/60Hz power. Our PC and laptop power supplies can switch to 200V/50Hz, but most peripherals are hard set to local power systems, so we require you purchase those items locally.
  7. The power cords we provide are for US style wall sockets only. If you require a different style power plug, you must source that cable locally.