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We believe that ALL computers should get your work done, stay out of the way of your creativity, and not be a hindrance to your productivity. At Puget Labs, our mission is to ensure that your hardware – regardless of where it comes from, whether it is Puget Systems’ workstations or otherwise – is optimized for your specific workflow. That’s why we have always taken it upon ourselves to test and validate each industry’s most popular applications and understand the nuances of how they interact with and utilize hardware. Typically, the information that’s currently out there is either not available or is extremely dated and no longer accurate. And while we do publish extensive articles on these subjects, we also realize that not everyone has the time to understand and apply this knowledge to their specific needs. That is why we are launching a new consulting service giving everyone direct access to our team. Welcome to Puget Labs!

Your Personal Consultant

Puget Systems’ customers have always enjoyed a level of personal touch when designing and purchasing one of our workstations. It’s a standard of excellence that has set us apart, and one that we are very proud of.

Now we are very pleased to announce that we are extending the same level of service that would normally be reserved for those purchasing workstations from Puget Systems, to everyone, worldwide! For $200 per hour, this service will give you the information you need to make informed decisions about specifically what hardware you need for your workflow. Our team of expert consultants will discuss (via email, phone or Zoom) what your hardware purchasing plans are, what software you use, how you use it, and what the entirety of your workflow looks like. We will then provide a document outlining our hardware recommendations.

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expert workflow consulting

Who Is This Service For?

Organizations locked into contracts
with the large vendors and want to ensure they’re buying what is best for their work

International clients
that are outside of the US and can’t purchase from Puget Systems but still want to consult with us

that are building systems themselves but want to know exactly what components to source.

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