NVIDIA RTX 5000 Ada Generation 32GB PCI-E

Video Card

NVIDIA RTX 5000 Ada Generation 32GB PCI-E Main Picture

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The RTX 5000 Ada Generation is a high-end workstation graphics card built on NVIDIA's Ada Lovelace architecture. It offers raw performance similar to the more mainstream GeForce RTX 4080 but with a focus on support for professional applications and twice as much onboard VRAM (32GB). As with most workstation GPUs, like NVIDIA's former Quadro series, the single-fan cooler on the RTX 5000 Ada is ideally suited for use in multi-GPU systems - but noisier, especially under load, than most multi-fan consumer video cards.

In addition to great performance for professional 3D applications, the RTX 5000 Ada Generation also supports four DisplayPort monitors at up to 4K resolution (or two at 8K) at the same time. One adapter to HDMI is also included, for those who need to use a screen that lacks direct DisplayPort input, and additional adapters can be purchased separately.



Chipset Manufacturer NVIDIA
Product Line Pro Viz
Series Ada Lovelace
Motherboard Connection PCI Express x16
Interface PCI Express 4.0 x16
Maximum Digital Resolution 7680x4320
Maximum DisplayPort Resolution 7680x4320
Maximum Monitors Supported 4
HDCP Compliant Yes
TGP 250 W
GPU Specifications
Stream Processors 12,800
Tensor Cores 400
Memory Specifications
Video Memory 32GB
Memory Type GDDR6
Memory Bus Width 256-bit
Bandwidth 576 GB/s
Single Precision Floating Point (Peak) 65.3 Tflops
Additional Information
Cooling System Blower Type
Removable Backplate No
Slot Width 2
Quadro Sync Support Quadro Sync II
Port 1 DisplayPort 1.4a
Port 2 DisplayPort 1.4a
Port 3 DisplayPort 1.4a
Port 4 DisplayPort 1.4a
Power Connectors
Plug 1 16-Pin PCIe 5.0
Length 267 mm (10.5 in)
Height 112 mm (4.4 in)
Width 42 mm (1.7 in)
Net Weight 1.081 kg (2.4 lbs)