Episode 73 – Puget Systems Podcast: Live Q&A w/ Mike Lorrain, Quantum Productions

About the Podcast

At Puget Systems, we build high performance workstations custom tailored for content creation, engineering, and scientific computing. This podcast will discuss topics related to the workflows and software of those industries.

This week Mike Lorrain, co-founder of Quantum Productions, joins us to talk about some of the changes that have occurred in the 25 years he and his business partner Norb have been making videos, thoughts on the newest tech, and advice for beginners!

From pre-production all the way through music and editing, Quantum Productions works to create outstanding, award-winning films for their clients; some of whom include Safeco Insurance, Nordstrom's, and Puget Sound Energy.

Check them out at: https://www.quantumproductions.net/

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