A Look back at Puget Laptops

Work on the go

Although we officially retired our laptop offerings in 2016, we still receive a number of notebook computer requests.

There are many benefits in using a laptop over of a desktop, with one of the biggest being portability. Having the flexibility to travel with a mobile workstation is a key consideration in selecting the proper tool for a job. Many users also prefer the compact screen size, attached keyboard, and touchpad.

However, having the increased portability does come with tradeoffs. Smaller components typically cost more than equivalent desktop hardware, there can be increased difficulty when troubleshooting or replacing hardware, and there are far less customization options for what can fit inside of a laptop chassis.

Why did Puget Systems retire laptop solutions?

Laptops were once a major part of our business model. It was not an easy decision, but there were a few key reasons that we chose to remove them from our product line:

  1. Laptop hardware we had access to did not meet our quality standards
  2. Mobile hardware was trending in the direction of being fixed / soldered-in rather than customizable
  3. We had difficulty in providing a technical support experience comparable to that of our desktop solutions
  4. By consolidating our product line we could dedicate more resources to becoming experts in desktop hardware

What does that mean for current Puget laptop owners?

First and foremost, you have lifetime hardware technical support that will continue! Although the Puget parts replacement warranty has expired, we can still be used as a resource by contacting our general support lines with your order number. We can diagnose what components have failed, clean and provide maintenance to the laptop, advise on compatible replacement components, and help recommend an alternative laptop manufacturer if you are looking for an updated solution.

Additional troubleshooting resources for Puget Laptops

Depending on the issue or question you have, there are many public resources available online. Here are some common assets our technical support team uses:

Drivers and Manuals:

Clevo Laptops

Sager Notebooks

Video Guides:

Traverse Pro hardware installation

Traverse hardware installation

GPU replacement (P150EM, P170EM)

Tips for dusting out your laptop

If you are unsure of the laptop model you own, either check the bottom of the laptop for an identification sticker or log into your Puget account to view the system specifications

Recommended laptop vendors

While we don't keep up to date with all model releases, here are a handful of vendors with reputable brands we've used in the past.

Laptop Manufacturer Recommended for Comments
Dell Business, office suite Wide variety of models
Apple Business, light post production Thin, TB supported, reliable, MacOS, limited customizability
Razer Gaming, business Custom LEDs, GPU expansion
Microsoft Photo editing, illustration, business Detachable display, touch screen, pen

Will Puget Systems ever carry laptops again?

In short, we have no plans to carry laptops right now. We will continue to have open conversations about how laptops could fit within our company vision, but we are more likely to partner with someone that matches our standards and produces laptops for a similar target audience than to build them ourselves. For the foreseeable future, our plan is to continue providing desktop workstations that are a pleasure to own, configured specifically to get your work done and not be a hindrance. Stay tuned to our monthly newsletter for any changes to our product line.