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4U Rackmount Node for Redshift

Overview Having a lot of rendering power at your desk is great, but brings with it noise and heat. Additionally, tower workstations running off normal 120V outlets are limited in how much raw processing power they can provide. By contrast, our Redshift rackmount node can support up to four NVIDIA GeForce RTX video cards with

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Mobile Workstation for Unity

Overview Whatever type of game or other experience you are developing in Unity, you need a powerful computer to help get your work done. This laptop-style PC has Intel’s top Core mobile processor and NVIDIA GeForce mobile video card, both of which provide desktop-line performance across a wide range of applications. Two USB Type-A ports

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Mobile Workstation for Unreal Engine

Overview Intel’s high-speed Core processors offer a great balance between frame rates and compile times in Unreal Engine, while NVIDIA’s GeForce video cards offer the best graphics performance available and support advanced RTX ray-tracing technology. The mobile versions of these components aren’t quite as fast as full desktop models, but they can still power through

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Mobile Workstation for Game Development

Overview For almost any aspect of modern game development, this laptop workstation offers performance near that of a full desktop system! Most art design tasks will be just as responsive as a similar tower PC, thanks to the fast Intel Core processor, while limits on maximum power usage and heat output can result in somewhat

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Mobile Workstation for ZBrush

Overview This portable system offers near desktop-class performance for working in ZBrush, with support for up to 96GB of memory to handle multitasking between related applications as well. While ZBrush itself doesn’t need a powerful GPU, this system also provides a top-end mobile GeForce graphics card for artists who use a rendering plugin like Redshift