This is the most OVERKILL PC I\’ve ever dreamed of owning!

We partnered with Barnacules Nerdgasm to build his new Ultimate Gaming PC desktop computer designed to be the fastest Adobe Premiere rendering box currently possible. This machine has a 14 core Intel i9 processor with 128gb DDR4 memory and all NVME Samsung 960 Pro M.2 storage topped off with a pair of Titan Xp SLI (Pascal) graphics cards.


In this video, Armando Ferreira breaks down all of the tools he uses on a day-to-day basis at his desk including his Puget Systems workstation for his 4K video editing.

Press Release: Puget Systems Launches New Quad Socket Workstations

With up to 64 cores and 1TB of memory, the new workstations from Puget Systemsoffer not only extreme performance, but also excellent cooling and quiet operation. Puget Systems has been providing quad socket workstations for years now. Today, we refresh that product with a new duo of quad socket workstations that offer even more capacity, better