It’s Right In Front of Your Face

But How Do You See It?

It’s right in your face, but how do you see it? Do you see mindless violence, exaggeration, an issue blown out of proportion because “it happens to everyone”? Or do you see the privileged doing what they do best by indirectly, or directly, oppressing the less and claiming to defend the more? Both sides of this confrontation can align with these ideologies in some way. When you allow your thoughts to be sheltered and concrete, you can become blind to the possibility of greater mutual understanding through meaningful change. But, too often, the impatient rush to the simple, yet dangerous, conclusion that an opposing ideal is a threat to theirs and should therefore be attacked, or just as effective, cast aside.

Change can be fruitful or it can be destructive, it just depends on how you see it. What Martin Luther King Jr saw, opened people's minds to a change. One that would bring people together, end the perceived indifferences based on someone's appearance. This change threatened the sheltered beliefs of the men and women who saw persons of color as inferior, and should therefore be cast aside and left with the bare minimum. His peaceful protest allowed people to see the truth in the change, that people of color possessed the ability to be civilized and capable of living alongside them regardless of the color of their skin. While they were harassed and abused, they held onto their vision and didn’t allow it to be halted by the actions of the sheltered minded. Though his assassination brought about the chaos we now are so familiar with, it was a reaction to the threat of years of sacrifice and progress taken away. But many continued to see a change that was to eventually come from this, a truly unified people.

We now sit in the middle of change, one that could dictate our futures and of those after us. I ask, how will you see it? Will you see this change and effectively cast it aside only for it to be forgotten and brought up at a later date but with greater consequence? Or will you see this change and welcome it, break down your shelter and contribute? Open your eyes and mind to the true intentions and look past the damning demonstrations that are all too easy to base our opinions on? Bring to fruition the meaningful change, so that we might lead another great example that we don’t have to answer our problems with violence and destruction?

Both sides of an argument have to come together and educate each other's visions if they truly are to achieve a goal. If you can see what others don’t, or seemingly refuse to see, instead of ignoring it or forcing it on others, engage open mindedly. It may be difficult to understand each other's differences sometimes, but listening and making things happen on common ground is a whole lot more productive than standing by and allowing shelters of destructive conceptions.

All I ask of you is to lean into compassion and empathy, put forward a willingness to listen and absorb, and we'll all be better for it. And if you have the ability or the resources, I encourage to follow the link below to find out how you can help. Thank you for your time.

Ways You Can Help

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