Puget Systems workstations now available in Canada

In 2017 we made the difficult choice here at Puget Systems to discontinue selling to Canada. At the time, we realized that we could not provide our customers there with the high-quality experience we expected of ourselves, especially with respect to the purchase process and tech support. We didn’t have the tools or expertise to handle import regulations and procedures in a way that maintained our standards for customer service.

Over the years, we heard from professionals in Canada that they saw value in our software testing and were interested in purchasing our workstations. Responding to that demand, we have invested time during the past year and refined our approach to shipping internationally. After a lot of hard work and preparation, we have positioned ourselves to re-enter the Canadian market and not just meet but exceed customer expectations!

A key part of this process was Puget Systems becoming registered as a non-resident Canadian entity with the ability to import into the Canadian market as a non-resident importer (NRI). This means that imports into Canada will arrive with Puget Systems being the importer of record (IOR), removing the customer from any liability for the shipment.

The advantages don’t end after delivery! Our ability to send replacement parts as needed for tech support will be given the same treatment as our systems receive as they cross the border (moving North or South). This is an important step in maintaining our industry-leading support experience.

This approach enables Puget Systems to quote delivered pricing that includes all fees associated with the purchase. Quotes prepared for Canadian shipping destinations will include the following costs: shipping, GST, HST, insurance, and import fees. Puget Systems is importing our computers into the Canadian market duty-free under the terms of the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA). This classification enables our systems to be imported without duties while avoiding delays and detention fees. Liability for all additional costs will be covered by Puget Systems and our workstations will be delivered free and clear to their final destination.

For sales to non-business customers, Canadian customs requires a Power of Attorney (POA). If one is not already on file, the purchaser will be contacted by Canadian officials to provide that documentation.

One thing to keep in mind is that prices on our website, quotes, and invoices are shown in US dollars regardless of where you are viewing or contacting us from. At this time, we are only able to accept payment in US dollars. Additionally, system prices shown on our configure pages are pre-tax. Tax is added after a quote is saved and address info is provided, then shipping and any other fees are added at checkout.

We are excited to finally be able to serve our friends in Canada again! If you have any questions about this process or our workstation offerings, please contact one of our expert consultants for more information.

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