Microsoft Office Holdout

My name is Brett, and I am a Microsoft Office holdout.

In fact, I am writing this blog in Word. Last week, I decided to write directly into our blogging system, but flew too close to the sun and lost an hour of work.

Open Source Software

What if I told you that you could get a car, brand new, for free?

You would say it was probably junk…or a joke. But, this thing is real, people have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours building it and it’s absolutely free. BUT there is a catch.

Ahhh, now the hoax is uncovered.

The New Puget Office! – Tour #1

It’s an exciting time at Puget! Due to increased sales and growth, we have outgrown our current facility. To meet the new demand for space, we purchased a new building in Auburn, WA.

To show off the new space and the progress that is being made during the build process, I will be taking my camera and shooting some video updates. The first one is found here. Be sure to keep checking back for new updates. Enjoy!