Traverse Pro Battery Maintenance

The batteries in our Puget Traverse Pro are lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries.

Throw out everything that you thought you knew about battery charging. Lithium-ion batteries are a completely different animal from how other types of batteries work and are charged, maintained, and stored.

Product Announcement – New Traverse Mobile Workstation

Over the years I have worked here, our laptop line has changed a lot. We’ve had massive gaming-oriented models with 19-inch screens, tiny 12-inch models for the ultra-portable market, and everything in-between. We even had a touchscreen model for a while, since lots of people asked about that tech… and then it sold only a handful of units. We have just launched another update to our laptops, though, and I wanted to talk for a moment about our direction and goals.

How to Select a Traverse Laptop

Unlike desktop computers that sport large cases, ample power, and generally remain stationary, laptops can be confusing to contrast and compare. Desktop computers are typically much easier to upgrade than laptops so when you’re selecting a laptop, it’s a good idea to ensure it includes the level of performance you require from day one.

For example, the graphics card that’s used to power games or render complex 3D objects can be simple to upgrade in a desktop computer, whereas you may not have many, if any options to upgrade the graphical performance on your laptop. Swapping out CPUs and drives can be done, but again, you usually have fewer options than with a desktop PC.