Case Study with Bellevue Dental Care

Bellevue Dental Care

Bellevue Dentist

Dr. John Minnoch has been providing dentist services at Bellevue Dental Care for 22 years. After graduating from the University of Washington, he decided to start his practice in Bellevue, WA. He and his spouse chose Bellevue for its natural beauty and excellent neighborhoods and schools in which to raise a family. 

Dr. Minnoch and his team rely on advanced computer equipment to serve his patients and keep his practice running smoothly. That brought him to Puget Systems, which is located about 20 miles south of his practice in Auburn, WA. 

Tools of the Trade

When Dr. Minnoch began his solo practice in 2001, he replaced paper charts with computers at each patient station. Each workstation can render large 3D images for both the dentist and patient to review. 

In terms of software, Bellevue Dental Care runs Eaglesoft as its practice management and charting solution. This software is the backbone of any dental practice so having it available at all times requires a stable, reliable hardware platform. Dr. Minnoch uses Sidexis, which processes large 3D images, to diagnose issues one can't view with the naked eye. He also runs Microsoft Office for word processing and email at the office.

Each workstation must be able to render multiple 3D CBCT images simultaneously which puts a heavy demand on the graphics card.

Dr. Minnoch

Technical Challenges

From Digital x-rays to Cad Cam fabricated restorations, the technology found in the modern dental practice is ever-evolving and expanding. Bellevue Dental Care has placed workstations from Puget Systems at each patient station. This allows its employees to quickly bring up a patient's chart, x-ray images or schedule an upcoming visit.

Bellevue Dental Care also asked Puget Systems to build a server which runs some additional dental practice software and acts as a storage server for the dental practice.

I've purchased cheaper computers from HP and Dell but always ended up with a few lemons. Puget Systems builds its workstations with high-quality components that outlast the cheap substitutes.

Dr. Minnoch

Why Bellevue Dental Selected Puget Systems

It comes down to quality and service. If its computers go down, Bellevue Dental Care can't see patients, so having the highest quality computers is critical to running a successful business.

Dr. Minnoch mentioned that he could find computers that cost a bit less. But he insists he saves money by spending a little more upfront on a PC from Puget Systems because their computers require less maintenance and are more reliable. 

From sneak peeks of the machines as they are built, to an annual check-up, Puget Systems maintains a business practice policy that matches how I treat my own clients.

Dr. Minnoch