OS Installation

OS Installation

If you’ve ordered a computer from a large manufacturer in the past, you know how they load it up with trial software, advertisements, and promotional materials. This kind of “junkware” is not only annoying, but can even slow down your computer! At Puget, we install ONLY the software you order from us. All bundled software that comes with your hardware is still passed on to you, but we do not install anything you didn’t order. That leaves you with a completely clean installation!

What we WILL do is make sure you have the most up to date installation possible. Your motherboard BIOS is flashed to the most recent version. All Windows security patches and updates are applied. We use the latest stable drivers provided by the manufacturer of each part. From start to finish, we make sure your machine is using the most current software available!

Read what our customers have to say about our OS installation!

T Dymkowski

Legacy Testimonial: 82

The prices are the most competetive I saw after visiting web site upon web site for the same system! PCC provides the best quality merchandise for the lowest prices- really! the staff (Jon) is very patient and willing to do what it takes to please even the most difficult of executives or CEO’s! I would highly and readily recommend PCC to anyone looking to purchase a system. Now I can actually run more than 2 applications at once with my new PCC computer! Thanks again Jon!

Dan Kennison

Legacy Testimonial: 81

Extremely accomodating during entire experience. Product, Customer
Service & Tech Support absolutly outstanding. I’m very,very impressed and will definitly recommend this company.
Thanks Jon!

Legacy Testimonial: 80

I have been searching the web off and on for months trying to find a company that offers great customizable computers that wouldn’t empty my bank account. I had gotten so frustrated with all of those giant corporate sites that I almost decided not to get a new computer. Then I found this site, and I am very excited because I will soon be getting the computer I want for hundreds less than I expected to pay. The sites unbelievably great and I will definitely be buying my computer from Puget. I am definetly telling my friends about Puget Custom Computers.


Legacy Testimonial: 79

Simply the best site I found in my exhaustive search for custom building a PC. The site is very informative, and Jon was very prompt and helpful in answering questions before and after. And my stompin’ system runs great with no problems at all! Highly recommended. Best service. Excellent quality. Great prices. Thanks!


Legacy Testimonial: 77

Great system! No problems with the system when I received it except for UPS caused problems. The case was a little bent, but obviously UPS’s fault. System runs great!

Brian Hoskins

Legacy Testimonial: 76

Nothing but good experiences with this company! I will insist that all my friends buy computers from PCC and not worry about giving them un-needed problems. I was thoroughly impressed!! Best web site, best service.

Ed Davis

Legacy Testimonial: 75

I have heard nothing but GOOD things about Jon and his company. He just does it RIGHT and for you to be more than happy with your new computer. If it were not for my kids, I would of bought from another company. But my kids said you really should take a look at Jon and his company. They are the BEST computer store around!
Thanks to them (my kids) I will configure a gaming computer with Jon’s help and put to the test.
Thanks Jon for you and your company being there for us 🙂

Chih Ming Tan

Legacy Testimonial: 74

What impressed me most about Jon was his almost perpetual availability! This company really lives up to its promises when it comes to customer service. The Live Help facility is simply fantastic and Jon answered all my emails to him promptly and patiently. Unfortunately, I was not able to purchase a system from this company, but if circumstances were different, this is surely the company I’d choose.

David Hochman

Legacy Testimonial: 73

Buying from Puget Computers was a great experience. I got what I wanted: a powerful machine at a reasonable cost, put together by someone knowledgeable and responsible who CARES that it all works together. And it arrived on time, in working condition, well packed. What more can you ask? I’ve already given referrals to other friends here on the East Coast and hope you will build your business here, Jon. We ourselves will be back soon when it is time to replace my wife’s computer.

Rick Swenton

Legacy Testimonial: 72

I ordered here because of the ability to configure in detail. I didn’t need speakers, monitor, etc. but I WAS interested in customizing down to little details. I dislike when the “big guys” (the competition) force you into a Celeron based system with onboard video that steals system RAM. Then they include a $3 mouse and $4 speakers and jack the price up. None of that stuff here! The systems arrived in a very timely manner, configured as ordered, along with the important stuff: Driver CDs and component manuals. Jon was very helpful and continues to rapidly answer my questions. I ordered two systems and they scream. From start to finish I am very happy with their customer focus and their knowledge. Price here is a great value. I probably could have gotten a few bucks off some of the components if I shopped around but I’m sure the bargain companies would not be as responsive as Jon was to me. There was one Sunday evening I was getting e-mail replies from Jon at 10:30 PM! I would not hesitate recommending this company to anyone and I will return again someday for another purchase, but not too soon, according to my wife.

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