OS Installation

OS Installation

If you’ve ordered a computer from a large manufacturer in the past, you know how they load it up with trial software, advertisements, and promotional materials. This kind of “junkware” is not only annoying, but can even slow down your computer! At Puget, we install ONLY the software you order from us. All bundled software that comes with your hardware is still passed on to you, but we do not install anything you didn’t order. That leaves you with a completely clean installation!

What we WILL do is make sure you have the most up to date installation possible. Your motherboard BIOS is flashed to the most recent version. All Windows security patches and updates are applied. We use the latest stable drivers provided by the manufacturer of each part. From start to finish, we make sure your machine is using the most current software available!

Read what our customers have to say about our OS installation!

Jim Raso

Legacy Testimonial: 52

Received my Athlon XP 2000 today, great machine. Jon went that extra mile to make me happy. He answers all your questions,and is a great person to do business with. Highly recommended.

Roy Marlin

Legacy Testimonial: 50

jon bach is a great person to deal with as well as puget systems, i could not ask for a smoother transition for myself as well as for my clients! A+++


Legacy Testimonial: 46

Thank you very much Mr. Jon Bach,

At present I have not returned from my trip. But I heard that the system is working fine without any problem. I really appreciate doing business with you in future. If there is any problem with the system I will contact, But now the system is funtioning.

Thanks very much




Legacy Testimonial: 45

The best thing about this site is options. So many of the manufactuers require you to take their canned systems and run with it. I liked having choices. The delivery and customer service were also great too.

Jeff Guth

Legacy Testimonial: 38

I have to say, your web site is sure top of the line! Even thought the customer computer order page thats scripted in PHP isn’t perfect, i haven’t seen seen a better small business web site. You guys rock! Check mine out – http://www.hardwaregod.com . Have a good day.


Legacy Testimonial: 37

Great site! Bought one computer…will definitely buy in the future! Love the live help!


Legacy Testimonial: 27

When I ordered a computer from here, I was worried about support since I live so far away from Seattle. But I was amazed at the great support and service received, not to mention the price. This place is great!


Legacy Testimonial: 25

I recently purchased a new computer from Puget Custom Computers and am delighted with both the computer and the customer service. I received my order within 3 days of placing it and when I emailed about some minor “hiccups” Jon drove out to my house on a Sunday afternoon – from South Seattle to Monroe – to help me. I cannot recommend this company highly enough, I have never had better customer service and the system is great – look no further!


Legacy Testimonial: 23

I have just ordered a new system and you were able to beat DELL prices. You are also very helpful on the configuation of the system. I am looking forward to using this new systems….

Robert Allen

Legacy Testimonial: 22

Most professional, customer-centered, acommodating and personal web-based retailer I’ve ever come across. Even for quotes they go the extra mile. I asked them tp design a system to meet some very specific (and non-traditional) needs for a riddiculously low price…and they actually did it. Everywhere else I tried, even the large companies like DELL, just said “Tt can’t be done for that price.” PCC actually came on-site and even verified that the wireless components wouldn’t interfere with a wireless sound system we use. Their responses are timely and every single question addressed thoroughly. I recommend this company highly and without a single reservation. I tell all my friends about them and even link to them from my webpage I am so impressed. I mean just look at the web-site…the customer drives the process from beginning to end. It’s a really great sign of what PCC offers it’s customers…even the “shoppers.”

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